Dutch Vehicle Design student at the Royal College of Art. Passion for anything that moves on wheels.
more about me
  • rca

    MA Vehicle Design 2012 - 2014

  • utwente

    BA Industrial Design 2008 - 2011

I'm a young Vehicle Designer grown up in the Netherlands. Currently based in London I'm improving my cardesign skills at the Royal College of Art.

I started my design-journey with a BA Industrial Design at the University of Twente in Enschede (the Netherlands). During this period my love for designing products grew, and I discovered that my real passion is to design one of the most precious products people possess, the automobile. For my bachelor thesis I worked on my first automotive project; a dashboard for a Dutch sportscar, the Saker Rapx. After this project I immediately decided that I wanted to do a MA in automotive design.

Since then I’ve been at the Royal College of Art learning a lot about designing cars, especially the about more conceptual side of things. I hope to continue improving my skills and I look out for further opportunities.